60 Pantone Color Palettes : Pantone Plum Caspia : Pantone 19-2429


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Be inspired by these 60 beautiful Pantone color palettes. Did you know Pantone is a colour palette containing 1,757 unique and individually numbered colours and names. It’s important to know all the different names just in case when you’re talking to a printing firm. Every year, Pantone hosts a vote for a particular color for the upcoming year. Colorist leaders around the globe have presentations and debate on the matter. In the fashion and interior realm, designers and staff use these little color swatch cards to create their upcoming collections based on the colors chosen. It is the key piece of communication between the designers in New York and their fulfillment factories in China. Interior designers use the new color combinations to create textiles for the home that reflect the primary color and further translate it for consumers. So Are you ready to pick your favorite Panotne color palette below and many many more next page for your project? 

Pantone Plum Caspia : Pantone 19-2429

Pantone Plum Caspia : Pantone 19-2429 #pantone #color

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