Beautiful flower in peach color


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Beautiful flower in peach color #flower  #summer #spring #iphone #wallpaper

Looking for beautiful iPhone X wallpapers that have a calming affect, then check out these tropical leaves, botanicals, leaf iPhone wallpaper.

How to save a battery for your phone.

Tip no.2

Always lock your iPhone when you are done using it. When you are finished talking on the phone with your wife, checking your e-mail, or sending a text message, make sure that you activate the lock button. Many people wait for the screen to shut down by itself after they are using it, while this may seem like a great idea, you are wasting battery life. Make sure that you set your auto-lock because this is a great way to ensure your phone will lock itself just in case you forget to. There are iPhone owners that set their auto lock for five minutes after use. If you multiply this five minutes of power usage by ten times per day, your battery will not last you as long as you might think. This is why it is always suggested that you set your auto lock for one minute (1) after you have completed using your phone. This will ensure that your iPhone screen will not stay lit when it is not being used.

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